Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Government ADMITS secretly SPRAYING POISON on us

My opinion: Chemtrails are so blatently obvious, yet not talked about. For people who are over 20 years old, do you remember seeing the sky filled with chemtrails when you were a kid? Neither do I. There's something behind the spraying of the skies and we're not privy to the reasons why, but if the government is behind it you can be assured that it's not in our best interests.


  1. Interesting thing I noticed this past Saturday, here in Central Florida's East Coast, just 30 miles south of the Kennedy Space Center where the Space Shuttles and many rockets lift off from. As a jet was flying north, just off the coast over the Atlantic Ocean, its chemtrail suddenly STOPPED, as if the pilot hit a switch to shut it off! I had never seen the "end" of a chemtrail before. As I traveled north, I realized that the chemtrail terminated a few miles before the jet would have passed over the Space Center. Hmmm...could we possibly have a "No Chemtrail Zone" over the Space Center. So for the past couple of days, I've been looking at all the chemtrails running north and south off the coastline and notice that they all seem to "end" south of the Space Center. I can't WAIT for the truth about this to come out, so we can put an end to this barium & aluminum spraying of ourselves and our planet.

  2. "Barium Poisoning Symptoms = Swine/Bird Flu Symptoms!" (Just 'google it', Over 10,000 listings!) So, 'HOW/WHERE' does Chemtrails, Got to Do, with THIS? I have recently read, that there was a CBS News Show, that said that,"The H1N1 Flu, has been Grossly Overstated! And that,
    atleast 90% Are "FALSE-POSITIVES"! And this, came from the CDC, as reported by CBS!

    So, if the 90% is 'Un-Effectual', then WHERE Are All Those 'Numbers/Symptoms', COMING FROM?!?
    I would suggest, 'try looking at Heavy Metal Poisoning Symptoms! As they, are The SAME......!
    Anyways, there is a guy, on Youtube, who may have started all this! His 'name' is "Atain23".

    He has 'Alot of Facts', & seems to Know what He's talking about. While, "Our Govern-meant", Can NOT, Tell Us ANY THING!(Along with the FACT, that 'when i was a kid, contrails, lasted up to 70 seconds, & there was all there was to it! And, there WERE NO CHEMTRAILS BACK THEN! And, we're Only talking about 20-30 years ago!

    (B.T.W. "Mr. Obama", isn't 'just a puppet', he's more like a CLONE! Check out "Obamas Amazingly Consistant Smile", on Youtube/Vimeo sometime! It's Really, TOO 'WEIRD'!!!!!!!)